Clients of Smart!Management have the ambition to apply changes based on the thought that nothing will stay as it is. They dare to reflect on themselves honestly and they are not afraid for new ideas and unknown paths. Read their testimonials about their cooperation with Smart!Management.

M. Everhard, coordinator seminars KVK Utrecht, Chamber of Commerce

“His way of presenting and communicating the content of the practise is highly valued by our participants and us. Some remarks from our customers in the evaluation: the teacher is very inspiring … humour! … lots of creative thoughts which are most useful …”

K. (Koen) H.J. Wielens, Acceptant Liability and Insurance | HDI-Gerling

Lowering ceilings by own development is a major challenge for which you need to step out of your comfort zone. It is a process where one needs a lot of courage and insights.
In his own pragmatic and confrontational manner Roland knows how to hold up a mirror with respect and empath
Through this he makes visible ones own thoughts and actions.
He creates awareness of assumptions and interpretations as well as an awareness of ones own role and influence.
With his passion he gives you the tools for further self development were you can use your own personality and therefore can be yourself completely. With this Roland offers a self-maintaining learning curve which takes care for a constant development and which provides a different view. Stepping out of your comfort zone is fun.

For me personally all of this resulted in many positive changes so that I would like to change the word 'coaching' in 'magical.' Thank you Roland. "

"He gave me direction en taught me the real meaning of leading a team"
Dempsey Tamara, owner and team captain of the first ever Dutch team to qualify for the European en world championships and CrossFit games in 2015.

Roland was been essential in managing our crowdfunding campaign by identifying and persuade sponsors to secure our world championship team participating CrossFit in Carson / USA. From zero to the maximum necessary budget in only 5 weeks' time is incredible, certainly when you keep in mind that CrossFit is still a young and upcoming sport worldwide.
By asking the right questions Roland directed me in the right direction within my career as a pro athlete and leader of a sport team, existing out of vigorous individual orientated athletes. The most important lesson learned is the co-existence of mental and physical aspects, an combined aspect easily forgotten by a lot of (pro) athletes, focussing for a great deal on (more tangible) physical performance and results.
As an entrepreneur I am looking forward to work with Roland on the growth & development of my business, more specific the future success of CrossFit075 !!

"Thank you so much for al the good conversations, you've let me look into a mirror......! "
Fallon Roosenhoff

"Efficient and reliable"
M.H. de Mos, manager foundation Home Care Stores Amstelring

“Since 1996 I regularly use the expertise of Smart!Management in the field of consulting and coaching. In turbulent times in which organizational realignments and new developments had to be shaped in the work area of the Home Care Stores, Roland van Roermund was for me a highly skilled and reliable partner.
Not only his critical thinking with operational issues but also his knowledge of the diversity of business processes, especially cultural and behavioural trends, but also his personal commitment as a coach left a deep impression. The eclectic approach and extensive palette of professional skills have led to organizational and personal performance improvement that is still perceptible and measurable within the Home Care Store organization and its employees. I can recommend his work to anyone who would like to have support in the field of accelerated learning through training and coaching, increase commercial effectiveness within a non-profit organization, implement effective entrepreneurship and optimize organizational and individual potential.”

"Improve the world, start with yourself"
Herbert and Lenneke Scheers, Scheers Hairstyling Hillegom

“Roland has become the mirror of our company. We thought everything was clear but on management level there was much confusion and therefore also for the employees.
Roland is absolutely wonderful! Lead by his own way of coaching and his sincere commitment to the process of change he has put us back on the right track. Now there is clarity in management and we see that this has an immediate positive impact on the workplace. We know we are not there yet and that improvement is a process that will last forever. Therefore we will continue to need Roland as a coach to stay sharp and to continue our conversations. Improve the world, start with yourself. And that's a lot easier with a good coach along your side!”

“Roland is a powerful person with lots of charisma”
Mieke Sjerps van Sjerps Bedrijfswagens

Glad I got to know you. I think you have a very inspiring personality. You probably hear that often. I will not forget you as a person; a strong person with lots of charisma who knows exactly what he wants.

"The F.A.M and Smart Management are not finished with each other, but so far: Roland huge thank you!"
Thorald Rasker, president FAM

The FAM is a collaboration between a number of major traffic schools in the Netherlands. The goal is to learn from each other, joint purchasing and representing the major schools in the Netherlands with numerous organizations, institutions and government. The association always had around 40 members and for various reasons there were still only 21. The existence of the club was at stake. I knew Roland of old, and soon after the first conversations I got the feeling that Smart!Management was the ideal organization to help us ahead."

A. Warnar-van Minnen, coordinator collective awareness, Rhineland Chamber of Commerce

"You know how to bring very enthusiastic and appealing presentations. Therefore you made an important contribution to the quality of the meetings in the context of where we stand. For us you are a professional and flexible partner who gladly thinks with us."

"Bright, communicative and empathetic"
Marc Bosma, general manager Laibility Amlin

“Roland is a fantastic personal coach! He is bright, communicative, people-oriented and empathetic. I would recommend him to any company!"


"Roland always hits the spot, he knows what he is doing and what he is talking about and never hits around the bushes……"
Reihaneh Abuie, Knowmad

I got to know Roland as my coach via the school I was attending. After our first talk, it seemed like he got to know a lot about me within an hour and to me it was a proof of how experienced he was. Rolands' seriousness, dedication, Dutch directness, knowledge and experience made us build a relation based on trust, empathy and dedication.
I got many useful tools and exercises from him to work on my personal/professional development and he was very supportive in the whole process and yes! I must have dedication in doing the exercises to stay friends with my coach. Roland always hits the spot, he knows what he is doing and what he is talking about and never hits around the bushes.
Each time we met, I was amazed how much he could reflect and mirror me in my process and give me kick when needed.
I am very glad to have him as a coach and would definitely recommend him to anyone who looks for a fun, challenging and a learning process.

"A great listener with the ability to clarify opportunities for development"
David Boscan Arraga, Team leader Partner support

Roland made me understand where my qualities lie within the broad spectrum of my activities. He is a wonderful listener and is able to explain clearly where the possibilities are for development.
His starting point is the personality of the client and what he wants to achieve.
He enters into a dialogue with you and knows the art of reflecting together where he also steps back and holds up a mirror.
Thanks to this dialogue I entered the next face with the right questions in mind and I have a clear view of how I wish to shape my route within the enterprise. Transparency, learn to ask the right questions, self image and a view on the future are a selection of the many gifts he lets you present to oneself.

"You're a top coach!"
Linda Molenaar, Manager/team leader care organization North Holland

In 2015 I felt quite lonely and misunderstood and my whole being was focused on pleasing. It cost me a lot of energy and brought uncertainty.
You sensed right away what was the matter and got to the core of the problem immediately. I would like to thank you for the mirror you held up to me and for the commitment that you've shown.

I was so low on my energy that I needed more time to recover. But now the energy is coming back, as is my confidence. Now I understand the automatic or custom thought patterns so I can help myself and can rely on my intuition.

Let's just say that I am consciously skilled but not yet unconsciously skilled.

At the moment I work as a team leader and this certainly contributed to my recovery. It is good to realise again what are my motivation factors so I can directly influence the translation of policy to practise. I discovered that there's nothing wrong with my style of leadership and because of this I again go to work happily.

Planning and organizing is going well, even more... I just need it. It is also nice to see that I have become more loyal to myself!

I am really happy with the end results of our sessions, you are a top coach!

"A nudge in the right direction" is not quite the right wording!"

"The feeling you have professional help, not alone but by myself ......... has given me a lot of (self-) confidence!
Thanks for your help at the first step in the right direction (whereby many followed).
Thanks a lot!!!! "

"Much has changed positively"
Anne Maat, Hoofd Vergunningen (interim), Parkeren - dienst Stadsbeheer, Gemeente Den Haag

"His trainings at my department have led to a solid foundation and clear agreements. He does this with flair and clarity; everyone participates.
When the employees acknowledge that so much has changed for the better, I think by myself: 'I never would have succeeded without Roland.' Many thanks for the results this recent period. On to the next cooperation! "

"Reliable and professional"
M. van Oosten, consultant companies, Chamber of Commerce of The Hague

"Roland has a particularly dynamic and interactive way of presentation. Various evaluations have shown that this appeals to the participants. While organizing these meetings it appeared to me that Roland puts the interests of the participants, like the Chamber of Commerce, on the first place. Roland van Roermund has always been a reliable and highly professional speaker for our company. Therefore, we still make use of his services with pleasure."

"Give your sales department a boost? Then you must talk to Smart! Management”
Norman Dijkstra, Collect Easy Debiteuren Outsourcing

Because of the enthusiasm and commitment of Roland, Smart!Management has given us insight into our desired place in the market, we became aware of the company vision and appearance in our market. The first (sales) efforts, partly initiated by workshops for staff and directed by Roland’s coaching for the management have led directly to increased sales of our services and more customers! We have chosen an approach and embraced what suits us and herein Smart!Management played an important role. For that extra boost you should definitely contact Roland, it has helped us a great deal

"Take the initiative and keep it in your own hands!"
Robert Pastoor, store manager V&D

"Roland has been able to show me where my core strengths are and what further development I needed. The most important lesson I've learned? To make decisions based on facts and to develop actions instead of doing this based on assumptions. Roland made it possible for me to develop as a manager with his feet firmly on the ground and who is less guided by the issues of the day. Remain close to yourself and set limits, develop and most importantly ask questions! Take the initiative and keep it in your own hands "

S. Wulh, care manager Amstelring

Halfway through our sessions I send Roland a card with my vision on the meaning of SMART. And until this day I firmly believe:
S - Supportn
M - (Medeleven) Empathy
A - Attention
R - (Raad) Advice
T - Top Coach

Elif Uzun - executive at the Fund for Cultural Participation

"Twice I have requested Roland's services. Roland comes in no time right to the core. He immediately senses where the bottlenecks are, both on personal and business level. Roland was always a great stimulation and provided the right amount of pressure. At the right time he pointed out my weaknesses and we tackled them together. Thanks to Roland I dare to confront myself and I have learned - more than ever – to keep it in my own hands"

"An important part of our current and future success "
RW de Boer , director / owner Physio Group Zaandam

"In the person of Roland van Roermund, Smart!Management is successful and very useful in gaining insight and information that leads to the improvement of our services. He gains the confidence of the staff without any hesitations and is quickly able to point out the weak spots. Without ignoring the human aspect. During the process adjustments where applied. In a relatively short time we where able to grow towards a self learning organisation with a lot more sense of personal responsibility, short procedures and clear agreements. This is the merit of Roland van Roermund whom, in regard of the intended restructuring of our organization, we greatly appreciate. He will remain as an advisor to our organization and has been an important part of our current and future success."

A great and inspiring experience!"
A very happy and grateful customer

To get ahead in my personal development I contacted Roland van Roermund. From this a personal coaching process emerged.
Roland motivated me, thought along with me and held up a mirror and inspired me. It has been a very pleasant cooperation in which a good result has been achieved, what influenced and changed my personal life and my career positively.
I can recommend it to everyone.
Roland: Thank you for everything!

Take a seat and open your mind

I have to say it ...
Ron van Zuilichem, senior underwriter Amlin

“Your predictions have come true, how people see me in the immediate area and my self image have changed positively! I have to say it, you're really good!

"A feeling of freedom and happiness, what an experience! Namaste and many thanks!"
Rob van de Vissersdijk, chef kitchen Evean Eduard Douwes Dekker

"Thank you so much Roland for your listening ear, for polishing of old-and teaching new techniques in my work and private life, the "apparent" of all the things that I actually already knew but long and far away had hidden in a dusty drawer. Especially your specific "not so professional setting" section spoke, in my world and language, to my imagination, handed to me of course in a professional manner by you. 24/7 availability was the bonus during my "coachingproject with you, but above all very honest and straightforward. ... your influences are still apply on the work floor and they are just there to remind me that I so every now and then I miss your guidance….:-)

You are one of the coolest people I know...., life is beautiful (again) and also work, you have helped me to see that again!

"I was lucky to find Roland, great support, thank you!"
Cécile Honingman, Paris

"I met Roland through the school I was attending, Knowmads Business School Amsterdam. It is a social entrepreneurship and personal development's school, so the school encourage students to find a coach in order to be supported and empowered during our journey. I was very lucky to find Roland.

In our first session, he identified the topic I wanted to work on, even if was not even aware of it. He was asking a lot of question and listening very carefully, so he could really analyse my challenges, and how he could help me.

I loved how Roland used metaphors in order to make me face my troubles. It was very striking and useful. He also taught me some more theoretical communication theories that were interesting and inspiring.

He helped me dealing with my questions through exercises that I had to practice in-between our sessions. The reflection and awareness required for these exercises made me grow a lot, a understand myself much better.

Roland was a great support throughout my all year at Knowmads, and I gained a lot from our sessions. I would recommend to anyone to work with him! Thank you Roland!!"

"Personall leadership optimalization by art! "
Ilan Siebert, entrepreneur

'Roland makes the human side of business tangible. He helps me to make use of my talents by working with concrete examples and well-chosen challenges. Improving the soft side of collaboration and personal leadership without blurriness is guaranteed.
Thank you for our work!'

"Time well spent! "
Marion de Mos, Managing director HMC West- Nederland

'I consider myself extremely fortunate to have worked with Roland as an innovation coach and trainer. To say that Roland has insight, depth of thought, enthusiasm and creativity all melded together with a keen sense of humour is frankly a huge understatement of his talents. He has all the necessary intelligence, practical methodologies and communication skills to ensure you fuse together both technology and business strategies into your core DNA. Having worked with Roland and seen him in action I doubt there are few challenges he could not complete. Whether you are able to work with Roland for one hour, one day, a whole week or longer, it will be time extremely well spent and enriching.
If you want to change your perspective to change the world then this is the person you need to reach out to.'

“I couldn’t see what it was all about, a sense of despondency emerged…”
Lydia de Boer, manager Prinsenfoundation

In mid 2012, I got stuck on a particular aspect in my profession. My employer offered me a coaching and advised me to contact Roland because of previous positive experiences. After an extensive interview Roland arranged seven sessions during a period of half a year. The course of my coaching was as follows: theoretical underpinnings contributed case studies based on my own experiences, bringing the presented theory into practice and discuss it again by means of a reflection report.
The power of repetition did it along with Roland’s belief in my ability and his patience to explain the necessary connections between theory and practice. Slowly but surely I started to connect all the content of our sessions with my own experiences and skills. And here the coaching stopped. As physical therapists can give exercises to repair injuries Roland handed me 'tools' that I needed to keep practicing. As of now there is a sufficient basis for this and I await the future with more confidence.

Aziza Horsham, School of the Arts in Utrecht

What a wonderful training session yesterday! Thank you so much! You took plenty of time for us and because of that we are now ready to go. So again my thanks and how unfortunate that I could not attend your training Presenting in English to our students of Faculty of Arts and Economics because of my preparation for the international meeting IMEX in Hamburg. Please come back soon!

Complete reset!
Jan Peter Valk,Partnership Core Practices Physiotherapy Eastern Ee

At one point the partners had enough. Something needed to be done in order to get everyone back on the same track. What happened? In 2003 we moved and subsequently grew to our current size: a medium-sized practice with ambitions to deliver top quality. But gradually the notion got bigger that colleagues blocked whenever someone wanted more with the company.
Due to the rapid developments and changes in the group there was an "experiential gap" created between partners and staff.
We look back on an intense but fascinating and very useful process and believe we have undergone a change in behaviour.
We thank Roland for his unconventional and committed approach, he has helped us to find a new perspective on collaboration within our company.

"Never a dull moment"
Mirjam Versaan, interim manager/ entrepeneur, Maitreya Instituut

I got acquainted with Roland during an assignment. Without any prior knowledge we were put in the same room. We just had to work together! Roland took the role of coach and facilitator. Mine was an interim manager.
Soon we met our client, a strong team. Roland kept us on focus on the objective. He did so by listening as well as to mirror and asking questions. He is very sensitive and therefore chooses the right words and tone in his questions. That can be with empathy, direct, with humour but always stimulating. In my opinion this is only possible if one is genuinely interested in the problems, the persons and the situations they are in. He combines this with a wealth of experience from large and small companies.
Continuously he is keen on the direction in which the process leads and the set goal. Whether it is during a meeting or an intervention, he is always flexible, creative and surprising in his words and actions. With that he captivates and always something happens which leads to change and improvement.

We wish you lots of interesting assignments!
On behalf of the CEO & Board, Paula de Wys – Koolkin, director/ manager, Maitreya Instituut

Roland van Roermund came to us as an advisor to the board. This was necessary because there was a disagreement on some issues, which we couldn’t solve ourselves. He brought clarity in the different roles, relationships and strategies without giving impression he was choosing sides. That is extremely professional. Roland has the gift to be involved and at the same time to observe the process which he then clearly explains. One of the reasons why Roland is very good in what he does is that he can translate theory to practise. This means he sees the underlying thoughts in actions and behaviour and clarifies this for others. Then it can be further developed based on vision and logical strategy.

After having been a consultant for a while he became a member of the board. This resulted in professionalising on several fronts. During this he also displayed his knowledge and expertise for which we are very grateful. He wants to focus on his ‘real’ work and can no longer be a member of the board. We certainly find that most unfortunate but quite understandable and we wish him a lot of interesting assignments.

"Personal and business effectiveness"
M. Ypma, accountmanager Delta Lloyd

"With great pleasure I have had personal sessions with Roland Roermund of Smart! Management. Both in business and as in private I am trained in the field of personal and professional effectiveness.After ten interactive sessions I feel that I have developed in the field of effectiveness with the help of Roland."

"His coaching has personally brought me a lot"
Pim Kramer, storemanager V&D

“In a difficult period in my career I got to know Roland as a coach who knows how to map out your core properties in a short time . In a confrontational but human manner he knows how to bring you to a greater self-understanding. Through various exercises he is able, taking into account the organization and its people, to teach you how to deal with difficult situations and remain close to yourself at the same time. Roland’s coaching has not only brought me a lot on business level but also a lot for me personally. A period I gladly remember."

The two-day training.
Ruud Jongeneel, Algemeen Directeur Jongeneel Transport

“Smart Management is responsible for the communication training for our company. The training that treated the basic principles of effective communication also paid attention to the mission and vision of our organization. All employees have participated in cross-functional teams to the two-day training. After the preparations for this training the management was very satisfied about the content of the instructions. The final evaluations of the participants have confirmed this as well. The course has been a great success where the participants have grown both in their business communications as well as in their private communications skills. Smart Management has the proper knowledge to present the content of the training at the right level and has the skills to transmit this appropriately."

Don’t doubt, just do it!
Jack Dam, Dam Traffic School

Through the FAM (Federation Driving Management) I was brought in contact with Roland. During the different sessions that Roland has given to the FAM I got the idea that he could do ‘something’ for our traffic school as well. Quite excited we looked forward to the first day with the staff as it was agreed that during this day everything could be said by anyone. Because of Roland’s inspiring leadership a ‘we’ feeling arose within our group of employees. The staff came up with some surprising ideas we then further developed. Full of energy, humour and inspiration Roland has given us a push towards further professionalization of the company. We have great confidence in the future of our company and it would not surprise us if we encounter Roland yet again!
Thank you Roland!