Executive sparring partner

Looking for an honest and sharp-minded sparring partner?

Roland van Roermund mirrors, listens and asks questions. Based on his senior management expertise he can give guidance executive sparring partner on a temporary basis. During the process ambitions, meaning, plans, interests and relations get attention. Executives renew their connection with the mission of the company in a manner that is meaningful and enjoyable for everyone. As an executive coach Roland van Roermund stimulates to focus outwards: thinking and acting outside the fixed patterns. So change is possible and new insights become visible. The result is a meaningful and sustainable relation with the work situation and to regain control about one’s role within the mission and to fully realise one’s growing possibilities.


"The F.A.M and Smart!Management aren’t done with eachother, but for now: Roland, thank you a great deal!"

Thorald Rasker, voorzitter FAM