Who you are and what you’re reaching for, that is the main goal during a coaching session with Roland van Roermund.

Unfortunately in the world of individual coaching and team coaching, instruments are considered as a goal. Roland van Roermund only uses them as device. Honest and sincere, without keeping up appearances, he gets people moving again. Everything that helps to reach the final goal is used to get there. Riding horses, shopping, playing basketball: lots of clients preceded you…
His clients describe him as straightforward, accessible, inspiring and a bit unorthodox. Roland van Roermund (1965) is the man who introduced during a session at a big insurance company the GBV method. To everyone’s amazement....

Sometimes one needs a lot of encouragement to stay of the beaten tracks. Provocative coaching as it is said in a more posh manner. But what does this mean? All courtesies are let down. Roland van Roermund shall not be soothing. He will challenge his client. With humour, warmth and provocation the client learns to exceed the boundaries of himself and his coach. By learning to be self-assertive the client is able to stand up, to self-reflect more realistically and to show affection and appreciation.


"His coaching was of great personal meaning to me"

Pim Kramer, storemanager V&D