Business optimalization

The word says it. Your company will be optimized completely.

The people, the processes and the activities will be critically analyzed to ensure that the quality and efficiency of your company will grow. Not only improving the weak parts within the business is a central focus point during this intensive process, also the strength of your organisation and how this can be further developed gets attention as well. To ensure that entrepreneurship can prosper on all levels, Smart!Management is specialized in conversing brainpower into decisiveness.

An example? A large multidisciplinary service contacted Roland van Roermund with the question to raise the quality and the quantity of the company. After several sessions with the board members a three-year plan was made for the future. The conditions were compared with the company’s mission and vision. After a kick off with all the staff the program started. During individual interviews the staff was invited to tell their opinion about management, employee administration, personal development, organizational development, innovation, dealing with impediments and a better use of the existing potential. Linear to these interviews and sessions refinement commenced on processes and procedures.


"An important part of our current and future success"

R.W. de Boer, directeur/ eigenaar Fysiogroep Zaandam